Mazda CX-60 teaser

It looks like Mazda Motor Corporation has something interesting planned for this year as the Japanese automaker has just released a quick teaser video for its new upcoming model the 2023 CX-60. The Japanese automaker has also stated that this new crossover or SUV will be under its Large Product Group meaning that it will likely be rear-wheel drive and will also be their first-ever plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

While the specifications are still a closely guarded secret, the automaker has confirmed that the Mazda CX-60 will come with a 2.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that will be mated to an electric motor. Together, the hybrid powerplant is expected to produce around 300 hp. Transmission options remain a secret, however, it could likely be an updated version of the brand’s six-speed automatic gearbox. 

Mazda CX-60 inline

With the teaser video already out and about on the internet, what we can tell from the short clip is that the CX-60 will come with a unique set of LED headlights which are rumored to be a new design element for Mazda. Aside from this, it appears that the new crossover will have its daytime running lights on its grille instead of being within the headlight housing or on the front bumper. The side profile of the upcoming vehicle was also shown but only briefly revealed that the CX-60 will come with the typical shape of a Mazda crossover SUV.

Last but certainly not least, the teaser video confirms that the new crossover will be unveiled to the world on March 8 of 2022. However, we don’t expect the new vehicle to enter the Philippine market just yet as it will likely first hit the showroom floors in Europe, Japan, and then eventually make its way to other markets. For now, we will just have to sit and wait to see what Mazda has in store for the upcoming CX-60. 

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