ASEAN NCAP Prince michael award

The ASEAN NCAP was chosen as the recipient of the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (PMIRS). 

As a little backgrounder, the ASEAN NCAP is the version of the New Car Assessment Program in the ASEAN region, including the Philippines. The organization is in charge of testing out all the new vehicles the enter the market by crashing them and scoring how well the vehicles protected its occupants. This is done in order to inform the consumers and to improve car safety.

We are pleased and honored to be recognized as one of the winners for this distinguished award. As an independent body assessing the safety performance of new vehicles in an emerging market like the South East Asian countries, ASEAN NCAP has made notable achievements in the vehicle safety area. One significant impact is that we are able to increase vehicle safety information to the consumers through the assessments that we conducted for new vehicles that are sold in the region. Furthermore, through these assessments, we have successfully amplified the safety level of vehicles sold in the region such as having minimum double airbags as standard, seatbelt reminder systems and also electronic stability control as a standard fitment. This award marks a significant step in our journey towards reducing the high number of fatalities due to road crashes in this region

The award has been given out since 1987. The original goal of the award is to give public recognition to those who have improved road safety in Britain. The award has since branched out to an international stage. The international version of the award asks all road users, this includes pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, bikers, and horse riders to identify those whose initiatives make our roads safer. They then nominate them for the award.

The awards are presented to the companies or organizations in recognition of their outstanding contributions to improving road safety. The award categories are based on the five pillars of the Global Plan for a Decade of Action. The goal of the Global Plan is to reduce the forecasted level of road traffic fatalities around the world by 2020.

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