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For the last 120 hours, we’ve published a number of local and international automotive news. In case you miss it, here’s a rundown of the notable news in the automotive industry.

Local News Recap

Honda PH January to August 2016 sales up by 19%

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announced that the company’s sales were up by 19% from January to August 2016. HCPI registered a total of 14,496 unit sales as compared to the same period last year with 12,167 units. Driving HCPI’s sales growth is the City and the Mobilio.   

The City remains to be Honda’s best-selling model with 41% market share in HCPI’s year-to-date sales. On the other hand, the Mobilio contributed 24% in HCPI’s year-to-date sales.

‘No Garage, No Car Act’ now one step closer to becoming a law

Next time you buy a car, whether brand new or used, you might be required to secure a proper parking space first before you're allowed to make the purchase. This will be the case if or when Bill No. 1165, otherwise known as the “No Garage, No Car Act of 2016”, is passed by the Senate into a law.

The said bill is filled by Senator Joel Villanueva where it proposes that anyone who intends to acquire a motor vehicle should first be able to present proof that they have a “permanent parking space or facility.” The spot must be leased or procured by the vehicle owner and he/she will have to present a notary public to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) as a prerequisite for registration.

Foreign News Recap

Honda Civic Type R Prototype unleashed

The Honda Civic Type R Prototype has debuted at this year’s Paris Motor Show. It features a mean looking and aggressive exterior that could make you stop and stare.

Based on the new Civic hatchback, the Type R Prototype is integrated with body and aerodynamic modifications. Honda says that it will be officially launched in production form next year.

Volkswagen ID electric concept revealed

Volkswagen has revealed the ID all-electric autonomous concept at this year’s Paris Motor Show. The said concept gives us a glimpse of Volkswagen’s first compact model to be produced using the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB).

The ID concept is powered by an electric motor that can produce 125 kW (168 hp). Volkswagen adds that the concept is equipped with a zero-emission electric motor that is capable of achieving a range between 400 km to 600 km on a single charge.

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