BMW was the Philippines' No. 1 premium automotive brand in 2014

Through its official importer and distributor Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), BMW was once again the top luxury car brand in the Philippines last year. That means they've outsold everyone in the segment for 12 consecutive years.

Nice job!

All in all, the German brand was able to find new homes for 722 of their beautiful machines, which is 11% more than what they did in 2013. And of that total figure, a good 1/3 (or 243 units to be exact) was made up of the 3-Series, making it their best-selling model of 2014. This is in stark contrast to their figures in 2013 because back then, it was the 5-Series that made up most of BMW's total sales volume.

Looking at their numbers, they were 'only' able to sell 68 units of the 5-Series in 2014.

Aside from these 2 models, BMW was also able to sell 47 units of the 1-Series, 1 unit of the 2-Series, 59 units of the 4-Series, 6 units of the 6-Series, and 19 units of the 7-Series.

Their so-called Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) models moved in good numbers as well in 2014, with the X3 leading the charts with 112 units sold, followed by the X5 with 74, and the X1 with 40. What's surprising though is that they were able to sell 17 units of the X4 and 14 units of the X6.

And despite its age, 22 examples of the Z4 were able to roll off the showrooms last year.

If you notice, ACC never mentioned anything about the M cars. Our best guess is that those figures were lumped together their respective models.

Obviously, BMW wants to hold onto their premium segment lead and make it 13 years in a row. Who wouldn't? And they're putting their money on the new 2 Series sports coupé, 2 Series Active Tourer, and all-new X6 to bring in the numbers for 2015. Added sales could also come from BMW's tie-up with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit as its official premium mobility partner. Why you ask? Because after the event, most if not all the 200 vehicles they're lending out to the summit will be sold off as pre-owned units. And yes, those will sell like hotcakes.

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