Car window tint regulation

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is looking forward to getting stricter in accordance with car window tints. In the first quarter of 2018, the department will only allow certain grades of tint for all vehicles that are passing EDSA

The planned regulation is in relation to the 'high-occupancy vehicle' (HOV) lane of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). DOTr Undersecretary for roads Tim Orbos said that the window tint regulation will let the MMDA monitor the vehicles passing along EDSA much clearer and easier. 

As a review, MMDA conducted a dry run of the proposed HOV lane earlier this month. The agency extends this until the first week of January. News publication Inquirer reported that the MMDA monitored 27,524 vehicles on the HOV lane – where 14,645 of them were heavily tinted. This made the monitoring hard as the agency can't tell whether these cars were complying to the proposed scheme. 

The scheme from the MMDA states that only vehicles with a minimum of 2 occupants are allowed on the HOV lane. This makes car-pooling one of the most ideal way to traverse on EDSA. All vehicles with just the driver inside are only allowed on non-yellow lanes, as well as on the motorcycle lane. 

According to Orbos, they are only waiting for the final recommendation on what type of tint to be used. Once this is completed, it's going to be a green light for the new regulation. 

Photo courtesy of Judgefloro.

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