CES 2017: Volkswagen bumps car personalization through User-IDs

In the age of digitalization, a German marque showcased the future of personalization at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Through the use of VW User-IDs, a Volkswagen owner will be able to take his car settings elsewhere – even on other cars.

In a nutshell, Volkswagen User-ID app is like creating an account on Facebook, which we think everyone’s familiar with. Once the profile has been created, you can choose the preferences under 1 user-ID. You can then use it on other cars, easily taking the personalized settings from one Volkswagen to another.

Your favorite music, screen configuration, optimal seating position, and other settings will be saved under that single user ID, which is customizable through the app. You can also stream music, as well as other media such as video streaming. Downside is, you need to clear your video streaming history when using other cars – if you know what we mean.

In addition, the German marque showcased another breakthrough at CES. Dubbed as Volkswagen Digital Key, you can basically unlock a car by waving your Volkswagen User-ID equipped smart phone up against the door handle. Access rights can also be shared and managed for multiple vehicles for a certain length of time, which includes trunk access.

Pretty handy for those who always misplace their stuff. However, losing your phone might also mean losing your car in this technology.

Volkswagen didn’t stop in just connecting your smart phone to your car. In fact, they also developed apps that will connect you to your home. Doorbird sends out alerts when someone’s at the front door of your home, while “LG” allows remotely switching the lights on or off inside the house.

On the other hand, My Rules app acts like an active tracking technology. It sends out messages through the app whenever you leave something important at home.

All these technological innovations are demonstrated at the 2017 CES using the I.D. concept car – Volkswagen’s self-driving model with zero-emissions. The I.D. concept car is expected to debut by 2020, with full autonomous driving function come 2025.

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