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Berjaya Auto Asia Inc., (BAAI) the local distributor of Mazda, SsangYong, and Changan in the Philippines has recently announced that its Chinese brand has gotten a new name. Changan starting July 1, 2020, will now be known as Kaicene. As such all models will be rebranded to reflect the new name change, however, models such as the Honor S, Star Truck, and the X5 Truck will still retain the same badge design.

Kaicene represents Changan’s dynamic direction to fine tune its efforts with its popular commercial models as it expands its lineup not only in China, but also around the world. With 36 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing expertise in its DNA, Kaicene is set to lead Changan International Corporation towards a more focused effort on providing vehicles that address the needs of entrepreneurs, small and medium-scale businesses, and developing communities. Kaicene is set to deliver more of the reliability, durability and versatility that is essential in the commercial vehicle market.
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The brand name Kaicene (pronounced Kai-Chen) is a new division of the Changan International Corporation. It represents two ideals that the company aspires for “Kai” meaning a song of triumph; and “Cheng” which means a bright future. Together these two aspirations make Kaicene a brand that looks forward to a prosperous future. 

All rebranded vehicles will continue to use Changan’s original “red arch” logo which represents the brand’s commercial vehicle roots from when it first started 36 years ago. It is important to note that Changan’s original logo design was color red, however, this was swapped to a more 3D layout with chrome elements instead.

 Castilo continues by stating that “Our customers will continue to enjoy the peace of mind inherent in every purchase of a Kaicene vehicle.” He further adds that Castillo. “The Kaicene Honor S 7-seat MPV, the Kaicene Star Truck, and the Kaicene X5 small and medium-scale business light commercial vehicles will remain our core products. They will be supported by Berjaya Auto Asia’s excellent after-sales, parts availability, and warranties that will reassure their continued service for years to come. When it comes to value, the Kaicene brand represents an exceptional level of quality and dedicated service that sets it apart from other Chinese makes.”

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