2021 chevrolet suburban hollywood star

The Chevrolet Suburban has become the first vehicle to ever get the Award of Excellence star at Hollywood and Highland. The award was presented by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and was unveiled at a ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard. The award was given to the Suburban for its 67-year long career in Hollywood film and television.

For six decades the Chevrolet Suburban has been Hollywood’s longest-working actor
Chevrolet suburban hollywood star

Ghadban continues by stating that the nameplate and vehicle have appeared in classic feature films and on must-see television shows. The full-size SUV has proven to be a well-established industry mainstay. Not to be left out the Suburban’s smaller brother the Tahoe has also made its mark on movies and TV. Ghadban further states that it’s impressive to have both vehicles join in with legendary actors and characters that are forever known as Hollywood legends.

1950s chevrolet suburban

The relationship between Hollywood and the Golden Bow Tie SUV started in 1952 when it first appeared in movies. From then on the Suburban has stared in more than 1,750 films and TV shows. It became so popular in fact that the SUV would appear in at least one TV series every year since 1956. The SUV has also appeared in more than 30 award-nominated films. The Tahoe has also racked up similar fame to its bigger brother, also appearing at least once in every film or TV show every year.

2021 Chevrolet Suburban press photo

The Suburban has evolved to become the ultimate character actor. The vehicle is versatile not only in terms of what it can do on and off the road but how it can be portrayed as both a hero or the villain in any movie or show. 

Dennis McCarthy, a Hollywood picture car coordinator, further reiterates this by stating that the Suburban is one of the most versatile vehicles in the business. It can fit any character. He adds that it can instantly give a scene added importance. An example he gave was when a convoy of black Suburbans are grouped together, you know something exciting will happen.

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