CTEK Pro60 battery charger

With the left and right innovations in the automotive industry nowadays, vehicle workshops should also catch up and evolve. With that, CTEK, a global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries, wants to meet the growing demands of modern service centers. As such the company, has recently launched its professional charging series that will make workshop operations more convenient and efficient.

The first one is the PRO60, which is a highly efficient 60A battery charger and power supply. This system restores, charges, and reconditions the battery with the help of patented multi-step charging process. It’s also compatible on all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, as well as lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). The PRO60 comes with Adaptive Charging Mode, which means it can automatically recognize the size of the battery and select the best charging settings for fast charging.

Another thing is that the PRO60 is great for diagnostic or software flashing work, which require the vehicle’s ignition to be switched on for a long period of time. Capable of delivering 60A of clean and constant current, the PRO60 provides a stable output and is flexible for the users between 12.6V and 14.8V. Safety won’t be that of a problem because of the system’s inherently low voltage ripple, low current ripple and a range of integrated safety features.

While the PR060 is doing its charging task, CTEK also introduced a Pro Battery Tester that’s designed to examine the batteries and electrical system in seconds, without creating sparks or heat. This tester can work perfectly with all battery rating systems (CCA,DIN, EN, IEC, SAE) and batteries as low as 1V. Aside from that, it’s also compatible with 12V lead-acid battery chemistries (standard - flooded, AGM, and GEL).

With this professional battery tester, workshop service would be easier because it’s equipped with integrated printer. The result of the assessment can then be printed and reviewed by the technical personnel and customer in an instant.

"Battery issues are becoming more and more common in vehicles entering the workshop. When a vehicle enters the workshop, oil and outhe fluid levels, tire pressures, and brake condition are all regularly checked and ant issues addressed. With the help of our PRO Series of products, workshops can now offer this level of service to their customers' vehicle batteries - easily, safely and without disruption to usual workshop routines. The introduction of the CTEK PRO Battery Tester to the CTEK PRO Series enables us to offer a complete CTEK battery management solution."

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