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Do you love cars? Good. Do you love Honda? Alright. Do you love dogs? Then these products are for you. We detailed in the previous article the best items and practices that you may need when transporting your furry friend. Apparently Honda has an entire line up and brand name for its dog related products. Honda Dog has a wide selection of products to cater to dog lovers everywhere. So the real question we have is why is Honda keeping all the good stuff? We have dog lovers in the Philippines too. 

Instead of going for the usual pet crate to house your furry friends, you can opt for these car-specific accessories that emphasize comfort for your pet and integration with your Honda vehicle. 

Sifting through the site –oh, who are we kidding– looking at ALL of the products will bring a smile to your face. Honda hit the nail on the head with the cute factor, as the dogs in the photos are very VERY cute. The products themselves range from innovative and well designed, to weird and quirky. Let’s go over a few. 

Protect your upholstery with the products that Honda has on offer. There are seat and door covers, cushions, seats and even a cradle that allows your pet to be comfortable and safe inside a moving vehicle. 

The covers protect your seats from any accidents and dirt that your pet may track into your car. It also protects from scratches that may occur because of your dog’s claws. 

Dog Cushion

The cushion protects the floor matting of the car from stains and other odors that it may absorb from your furry friend. 


A leash that tethers to the ISOFIX anchors is also available to keep your excited pet from running off without you. 

It does not stop there though, if you need to keep your pet behaved and in their own space, Honda offers a cradle and a dog seat that integrates seamlessly in the passenger area of the car. Buckle it down, seat your furry friend into position and you’re good to go. 

That is about it for the practical accessories for your car, but these next few items are so weird and quirky that we just had to write about these as well. 

Shift Knob

Display your pet ownership proudly with these accessories. How about a shift knob for your gear selector lever? The question is not why, but why not. This trim piece is so weird and fun we want one for our Honda cars. 

Key Fob

You can hit two birds with one stone with this next item. Protect your car keys from scratches, dents, and dings with this fob protector. It comes complete with a housing and a paw print to emphasize how much you love your dog. 

If that wasn’t enough, how about this badge set from Honda that proudly displays that you only use genuine OEM parts and accessories for everything. 

Check out the site here. We recommend using Google Chrome to translate all of the text because these items are on offer in Japan only. If we haven’t made it clear, we want these items in the Philippines. Please Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.? 

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