Dog accessories

 “With great paw-er comes great responsibility,” says someone who loves to travel along with his (or her) dog. Kidding aside, riding in a car with a four-legged buddy is just like traveling with kids. You have to give them your utmost attention, and provide for their comfort and safety needs.

Because of this, hitting the road with your favorite canine can either spell fun or disaster, depending on your level of preparedness. So to avoid threading into the more difficult ground, we listed down aww-some car accessories that will make driving less stressful both for you and your beloved woofer.

Safety should always be the number one priority. Dogs are more likely to be playful, so make sure to restrain them with a dog harness or seatbelt. These accessories will prevent the doggos from being thrown out or get injured when an accident happens.

For the little pooches out there, this booster seat got you covered. Similar to an ISOFIX child seat, this booster seat keeps your pet secure and safe. They can also see the view outside the window because of its elevated design. Pet booster seats can be installed easily on the car seat and folds flat when not in use.

Putting your dog at the trunk area is not enough. There’s a big possibility that they will jump into the cabin, which can distract the drivers while driving. In this case, a pet barrier is a useful tool to avoid this unnecessary scenario. It will also minimize the mess, as they only occupy the boot area of your vehicle.  

Speaking of mess, shedding fur is such a dilemma if you own a furry pet. A waterproof seat cover is the purr-fect material to keep your back seat clean and to maintain your upholstery scratch-free. It will also allow your canines to lie down or sleep comfortably during the drive.

Once you are already in your destination, then you have to let your doggo out of the car. If you own a cute pupper, there would be no problem carrying it out. However, it would be hard if your trusted friend is a huge one like a Siberian Husky or maybe a Golden Retriever. For easier ingress and egress, a tri-fold ramp is the best solution to this problem. Make sure to teach them how to walk with proper pawsture on the ramp, who knows if a pup-parazzi is lurking around.

Dogs should drink one ounce of water per pound of its body weight each day. That’s why, owners should keep their bowls filled with water at all times. Thanks to anti-spill waterhole, it has a wide, overhanging lip that prevents splashing water all over the place and it does not tip over. With only a small opening, the doggos won’t get wet, especially those who have floppy ears.

Pet Organizer Kit

In long drives and great adventures, unexpected things may happen. This organizer kit has numerous pockets that will help you pack your dog’s stuff accordingly. You should always have the basic first aid supplies, proof of rabies vaccination, pet waste bags, bowl, food, and water. Aside from that, do note to also bring wet wipes, alcohol, and air purifier to keep things clean, fresh, and pawsitive all throughout the journey.

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