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When you're on the open road with your furry best friend, it's usually an enjoyable experience. There are some moments, though, when your dog might not be able to handle being inside a moving vehicle. Your dog may get car sick, but fear not, there are several things you can do to help your dog feel better. Read on to find out how you can cure your dog's car sickness in no time.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Before you drive with your dog, there are steps that you can take to ensure that they won't get car sick. If your dog is prone to car sickness, you need to take note.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your dog isn't fed at least 12 hours before going on a car ride. Having a relatively empty stomach will make it less likely for your dog to throw up food all over your precious interior.

You could also use a dog kennel or carrier placed inside the car to minimize movement from your dog. While you won't be able to enjoy your dog's company as much this way, they'll at least feel safer inside the carrier. Placing their favorite toy or a worn t-shirt with your scent may also help your dog throughout the ride.

Other things you can do before the trip include setting the car temperature at a nice and cool level and playing your dog's favorite music.

Beagle sleeping in car

Once you set off to your destination, pay attention to your dog's temperament as you slowly move away from home. If you're driving with another person, it's better to pass this responsibility onto them, as keeping your attention on the road is necessary.

Watch out for the signs and symptoms of car sickness. These include inactivity, restlessness, yawning, whining, barking, drooling, and vomiting.

If your dog experiences motion sickness at this point, there are some remedies available, although not all of them are available over the counter. Before administering any cure or medication, make sure you check with your veterinarian. Your dog's vet will be able to tell which remedies are safe for your dog.

With that said, you can try aromatherapy to alleviate your dog's car sickness. Smelling herbs like lavender, ginger, and valerian root can have calming effects on your pup. Be careful not to let your dog ingest these herbs, however, as they can be toxic if consumed.

As far as medications go, the same medicines used by humans can also be used by dogs, albeit in significantly lower doses. Commonly used motion sickness medicine such as diphenhydramine and meclizine can help your dog get through the worst symptoms. In severe cases, anti-anxiety medications such as alprazolam and fluoxetine are available. 

Remember that the drugs mentioned above can be dangerous, so be sure to contact your vet before taking any drastic measures. 

When the trip is over, take things slowly. Your dog might need time to adjust to a different environment. Avoid rattling your pet and taking them to crowded or noisy places too soon, especially if you gave them some vet-approved medication. Give your dog a few moments to acclimate to their surroundings, and they'll be back to their usual, adorable self in no time!

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