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The Philippine government reportedly plans to build 12 more 'iconic' bridges in Metro Manila over the medium term. As corroborated by, news of the plan comes from Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Carlos Dominguez III.

Construction of the first three bridges will begin during the first half of 2022, with the remaining nine still in question. Manila-based Asian Development Bank is extending a $175.1-million (about P8.8-billion) loan to build the three bridges spanning different points of the Marikina River.

The first three bridges will come to be known as Homeowner’s Drive-A. Bonifacio Bridge, Kabayani Street-Matandang Balara Bridge, and Marcos Highway-St. Mary Avenue Bridge. These will span 3,024 meters, with a completion date set for sometime in 2026.

With traffic in the metro returning to pre-pandemic levels since the onset of Alert Level 1, the government is scrambling to restore its previous plans to decongest urban spaces. According to Dominguez, the three bridges to be erected across the Marikina River would have earthquake-resistant properties and could reduce flood risk to the area.

The construction of these bridges would also bring jobs and infrastructure investments to accelerate economic recovery in the next few years.

Although we have 30 bridges across major waterways of Metro Manila, they are insufficient to efficiently move vehicular traffic. Thus, we are planning to build 12 more iconic bridges in Metro Manila over the medium term

The sitting administration has focused squarely on building infrastructure since taking Malacañang in 2016. Its flagship 'Build, Build, Build' program has seen the completion of key infrastructures like the Skyway Stage 3 and the groundbreaking of ambitious projects like the Metro Manila Subway. The first three bridges in Markina beginning construction later this year could prove beneficial to motorists when they reach completion in 2026.

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