Davao International Airport

The Department of Transportation (DOTr), along with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), has officially granted the Original Proponent Status (OPS) to Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation for Davao International Airport. The Mega 7 Construction Corporation, on the other hand, has also given an approval to the Kalibo International Airport.

The CAAP Board has gathered enough numbers of signatures from its members and released the OPS grant, leaning towards both Kalibo and Davao proponents. As of now, the Board is meeting with the proponents to manage and complete the requirements. The National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) will then assess the proposals before giving the approval.

The Chelsea Logistics Holdings got the OPS for its P49-billion unsolicited proposal (USP) to operate, manage, and expand the Davao International Airport. Aside from that, new technology for improved passenger experience and an airport operator that collects data to deliver better operations will be added on the site.  

Meanwhile, Mega 7 Construction attained the OPS for its P3.8 billion unsolicited bid to control, maintain, and enhance the facilities and systems in Kalibo International Airport. Moreover, the proposal of the two firms will also cover the expansion of Passenger Terminal Buildings, as well as a 30-year concession period.

These unsolicited proposals will then have to get pass through the Swiss challenge, in which other groups may submit their counter proposals and both companies have the decision to match.

The improvement of Davao and Kalibo International airports are among DOTr’s top priority infrastructure projects under the current administration’s “Build, Build, Build” program. This mirrors the Duterte administration’s commitment on developing new international and regional airports to enhance connectivity, mobility, and lessen the traffic jam in premiere gateways.    

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