Embark on a virtual tour of the Batman vs. Superman Batcave on Street View

To those who haven’t seen the Batman vs. Superman movie, don’t worry because there’s no plot spoiler here. Google just wants you to explore the film’s adaptation of the Batcave on Street View.

You start the journey inside the Wayne Residence. From there, you can spin the photo around and admire the relaxing lake house scenery. Now here’s the interesting part; notice the dimly-lit corner near the lake-side window? If you click on it, you’ll be transported to the residence’s “dark little secret.”

Yup, it’s the entrance to the legendary Batcave and what a sight to behold as the Batmobile greets you in all its awesomeness. It’s one of those few chances that you get to see the car as peaceful and undisturbed as this. It also showcases Batman’s arsenal of weapons and suits in the armory on the right. We’ll leave the rest for you to explore on your own. Start the tour here. Enjoy!

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