Ford and Purdue University created a cable that could charge an EV in 5 minutes

Ford is leading the way for many automakers in the transition towards electric vehicles (EVs). The company's latest endeavor is a joint venture with Purdue University. It's a new EV charging station cable with significantly more capabilities than what's in use today. Ford is becoming more aggressive with its electric models, and some rumors even point to EV versions of its current vehicles like the Explorer and Ranger.

According to Ford, the patent-pending cable can combine with cutting-edge charging technology to make EV ownership as seamless as ever. Purdue has been focusing on an alternative cooling method that can ultimately increase the current output on its prototype cable. 

The system employs liquid as an active cooling agent, helping bring out more heat from the cable by turning it into vapor. It's what separates the new tech from the present charging systems currently in use worldwide.

Today, chargers are limited in how quickly they can charge an EV’s battery due to the danger of overheating. Charging faster requires more current to travel through the charging cable. The higher the current, the greater the amount of heat that has to be removed to keep the cable operational.

If the technology pans out, it could lead to more efficient power delivery for charging stations. One of the biggest challenges with EVs right now is battery range. Potential EV buyers continue to raise concerns about range anxiety and charging time. Ford says its goal is to bring EV charging on par with gasoline or diesel refueling. Someday soon, we might even fully charge an all-electric car in about the same time it takes to refuel an internal combustion engine-powered vehicle.

With all-electric models like the Mustang Mach-E and F150 Lightning, Ford looks well-equipped to handle the future. By 2030, the American automaker projects 40% of its sales to come from EVs. It's a lofty goal, but initiatives like this prototype charger prove that Ford takes the challenge seriously.

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