Split Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is an iconic car that was first revealed back in 1964. More than fifty years after its debut, the Mustang continues to make headlines with its roaring engine performance, looks, and features.

 To celebrate the Mustang, Ford and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum (NIHF) decided to highlight the iconic pony’s innovation by combining a 1965 Mustang to a 2015 model. They were cut in half and integrated together, creating a unique display for every car enthusiasts to marvel at.

Inside, both models feature their respective console area and technology – giving you a tale of two cars. The fun part is visitors can sit in either side of the car and compare the car’s styling and features.

The split Mustang is part of a new, permanent Intellectual Property Power Exhibit at the NIHF museum in the United States Patent and Trademark Office Campus. The vehicle aims to show how trademarks, patents, and other forms of intellectual property make modern amenities possible.

Ford says that they combine about 60% of the driver’s compartment of the 1965 Mustang and around 60% of the 2015 model. The left side consists of a 1965 left-hand-drive Mustang while the other side is a right-hand-drive 2015 Mustang.

For more information about the Mustang, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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