Ford Ranger MS RT

Pickup trucks are vehicles built primarily to take on back-breaking jobs and get dirty. Despite this, a culture has been built around building street-oriented pickup trucks that are meant to show off the truck’s aesthetics. Here in the Philippines, you’ll find various examples of trucks like the Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Strada, Nissan Navara, and Toyota Hilux roaming around with lowered suspension and large rims. Sure, the capability of these trucks to work as intended may have been compromised but you have to admit, they look damn cool on the move.

So why are we talking about these types of trucks anyway? Well, that’s because Ford has unveiled a sportier version of the Ranger that isn’t meant to stray off the beaten track, and it’s called the Ranger MS-RT. 

The Ranger MS-RT is a truck crafted in collaboration with M-Sport, not to be confused with BMW’s M Division. M-Sport is a UK-based motorsport engineering company renowned for overseeing Ford's World Rally Championship endeavors since the late 90s. 

Starting with the exterior, the front bumper receives a refreshed design featuring a broad lower grille flanked by vertical vents, complemented by an integrated front splitter. Additionally, the grille adopts a honeycomb pattern, and a ducktail spoiler is added to the tailgate. Similar spoilers are also mounted on the roof, with Ford asserting that these enhancements enhance high-speed stability. The MS-RT model further boasts aggressive side skirts with a vent behind the front wheels, along with a redesigned rear bumper integrating a diffuser.

Furthermore, the Ranger MS-RT sports mouth-watering 21-inch wheels encased in 275/45 Continental ContiSportContact tires, the largest wheel size ever offered for a Ranger. To accommodate this, the track width has been increased by 1.6 inches on both sides, requiring the addition of some sexy flared wheel arches. Ford has also equipped the MS-RT with a custom suspension system, featuring stiffer front dampers and a revised rear setup. Additionally, the truck has been lowered by 1.6 inches, enhancing its aggressive stance and, according to Ford, enhancing handling capabilities. 

Ford Ranger Interior

Inside, the MS-RT showcases the same sporty aura with faux leather and suede seats featuring enhanced bolstering for more support during spirited driving, adorned with a stitched pattern and MS-RT branding. In addition, much like the steering wheels in sports cars, the Ranger MS-RT’s steering wheel has a blue 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel.

Under the hood, the MS-RT has Ford's 3.0-liter diesel V-6, delivering 237 hp and 600 Nm of torque. This engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel-drive system.

Jealous? So are we. The Ranger MS-RT is only available for sale in Europe right now, we can only hope that the MS-RT is also sent to other countries across the globe, like the Philippines. While we wait for a miracle, check out the Ford Ranger Car Guide on and browse Ford’s lineup of capable pickup trucks. 

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