2020 Foton Da Jiang Jun

Back in the early 90s and 2000s, Chinese automakers were notoriously known for copying vehicle model designs. While in recent years this has supposedly changed as some Chinese brands have come out with more original designs that can stand on their own, there are some old habits that die hard. 

Photos of Foton’s latest pickup truck have surfaced on Chinese social media sites and were originally picked up by Jalopnik. These images showed the brand’s newest pickup the Da Jiang Jun with a design that strongly resembles an American brand’s popular pickup truck. While the Chinese pickup truck doesn't have quite the striking name it does roughly translate to “Big General” and shares in the same design cues as the vehicle its “based” on the Ford F-150 and its raptor variant.

2020 Foton Da Jiang Jun front

While only limited images of the new Chinese pickup have surfaced and most consist of the front, which bears a striking resemblance to the F-150, the rear of the vehicle also looks similar to the American pickup truck.. The Foton Big General shares the same square yet tough design as its Ford counterpart. It comes with large rectangular dual-layer headlights and even sports a massive grille with the brand’s name on it. Aside from the styling cues at the front the Chinese pickup also sports wide over fenders at the side along with large all-terrain tires all around. 

Despite sharing similar design elements as its American counterpart, the Foton Big General does not come with big power under the hood. Power options for the Foton pickup consist of a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine, and two diesel motors. The diesel engines can be had with a 2.0 or 2.5-liter displacement. All of the engine options allegedly are connected to an 8-speed manual transmission. While it's no Ford 10-speed automatic it could work in Foton’s favor as the F-150 and the Raptor do not come with manual transmission options.

While the reports on the vehicle have not indicated the official price of the Foton Da Jiang Jun, we can safely assume that it will be much more affordable than the F-150 Raptor it resembles. 

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