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Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) Corporation has acquired the distributorship rights for Geely Auto in the Philippines. The acquisition allows SGAP, who is also the distributor of Fuso, to import and sell Geely vehicles. 

As the parent company of Volvo, London Taxi, and Lotus brands, Geely stands as China’s largest privately-owned automotive manufacturer. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has also acquired a stake in Proton, Malaysia’s largest manufacturer. It is now also the largest shareholder in Daimler, the corporation that owns Mercedes-Benz. 

SGAP has been involved with the Philippines for quite some time. Since the 1960s, the company boasts ample experience in automotive sales and knowledge of auto financing. This time around Sojitz will introduce the Geely brand to the Philippine market. 

Geely Auto was established back in 1997, and its model offerings include crossovers, passenger cars, MPVs and EVs and PHEVs. These vehicles range from subcompact varieties all the way to mid-sized models. The company is also a major innovator when it comes to hybrids and electric vehicles, with two of their models being offered with electric motors paired with a turbocharged motor. The HEVs aren’t the only ones to receive turbocharged motors, it appears that all models can be seen with turbochargers mated to either a four or three cylinder inline engine. Here is a run down of Geely’s lineup. 

Geely JiaJi

Geely appears to have an MPV on offer, the JiaJi is a compact MPV that features a three-cylinder or four-cylinder turbo motor. This car can also be had with a hybrid powertrain to maximize fuel efficiency. 

Geely BinYue

The Geely BinYue is a subcompact crossover from the brand. It features the same engine as the one found in the JiaJi or it features a 1.0L with three-pistons. 

Emgrand GS

When it comes to compact crossovers, Geely also has the Emgrand GS on offer. It comes with either a 1.3L inline-four turbo, or 1.8L inline-four turbo with a GSe model that features an electric motor. 

The brand also offers another compact crossover, the Emgrand X7 Sport. With this model you get either a naturally aspirated 2.4L or a 1.8L turbocharged mill. A less powerful variation of this model drops the sport from its name. The Emgrand X7 comes with a selection of two naturally aspirated motors that come in 1.8L and 2.0L displacements and one turbocharged 1.4L. 

Geely Binrui

The compact offering in the range is the Geely BinRui flauts either a 1.0L three cylinder, or a 1.4L four-cylinder, both of which are turbocharged.  

Emgrand GT

Step up a notch and go for the Geely Emgrand midsize sedan. It’s HEV counterpart is the BoRui. Engines range from 1.8L turbo motors to naturally aspirated 2.4L inline-four, and 3.5L V6s. 

No mention has been made of the models that will serve as initial offerings to the Philippine market. After combing the Geely Global website it appears that there are quite a few compelling offerings that can come from the brand. Having a turbocharged car can be a gamechanger for most motorists. Being able to feel the surge of torque can be a great experience for any driver, regardless of small displacements. 

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