Geely KX11 crossover

After spy shots of the vehicle were released online, Geely has decided to release its own teaser images of the vehicle in the metal. While the official name is still unknown, and the unofficial designation for the new crossover is said to be the KX11. Geely did not mention any other information about the vehicle aside from it riding on the CMA-based architecture that the company co-developed with its sub-brand Volvo. 

Geely expanding cosmos grille

Just like the Geely Coolray, the KX11 also comes with the brand’s signature ‘Expanding Cosmos’ grille and carries with it an aggressive-looking front end.  It also comes with a large vent on the lower bumper to match the enormous grille at the top. As for its headlights, it comes with a new square design, that comes with two rows of LED DRLS that give the vehicle a unique look compared to the rest of the Geely lineup. 

As the all-new KX11 could also be reworked as a Volvo model, the Swedish brand’s design cues can be seen on the vehicle. These can be particularly seen in how Geely has sculpted the sides of the vehicle and in how the wheels are designed to look like a fan. While the automotive brand hasn’t published photos of the rear of the vehicle, we suspect that it will come with wrap around taillights similar to that seen on its largest model so far, the Geely Okavango.

Geely KX11 side profile

Aside from the teaser images, Geely did not mention anything else about the new KX11 vehicle. Its engine options, power output, and drivetrain layout are still unknown. Given its CMA platform, however, the chances of the vehicle coming with a hybrid system are highly likely. While there are no photos of the interior of the vehicle, we suspect that it could be large enough to be a 7-seater crossover.

There is no official date set yet, as to when the all-new vehicle will make its debut. However, we suspect that it will make its official launch in the latter half of 2021.

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