Toyota Vios G CVT

The Toyota Vios isn’t normally known for its sporty handling capabilities and looks. While we do know that there are one-make racing series that utilize the subcompact sedan, such as the Vios Racing Festival, these are heavily modified. The regular variants of the humble sedan, however, lean more towards comfortable and affordable economy vehicles that are more geared towards fuel economy rather than performance.

With that in mind, new photos of a sportier version of the Vios have made their way online thanks to RiderAth. The images showcase a camouflaged version of the subcompact sedan that comes with a new body kit. This is evident in the new side skirts present in the vehicle along with a new set of wheels. While the front and rear bumpers are hidden thanks to plastic wrapping, the grille appears to be new and comes with a more aggressive design. Even the rear looks like it will be getting a sportier look thanks to the addition of a diffuser on the rear bumper. Further cementing that the vehicle is indeed a GR Sport is the inclusion of the GR Sport logo on the headrests of the Vios. 

While it may not be coming with serious power under the hood like its GR Yaris counterpart, it should come with a few handling tweaks done to it. Such is the case with the GR Sport Hilux and GR Sport Corolla Altis, both of which got minor adjustments done to their suspension thanks to stiffer dampers and bigger anti-roll bars.

It is important to note, however, that Toyota has not released any official teasers about this upcoming model along with the possible specifications it could have. However, given that the end of the year is near, the GR Sport Vios could make its appearance in early 2021 as something to look forward to. 

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