Pegasus halogen headlamp bulbs

Just like you, when you get to your late 40s to 60s, your car's headlamp bulbs reach their point of retiring over time. These mechanical components are one of the most important feature of your car as they serve as your secondary eyes on the road, especially in nighttime driving

Due to the importance of headlamps, it is recommended to have them checked if they are working properly; if they need to be cleaned or replaced. However, if it's the bulb that is wearing off, it is best to replace both of them. (because driving with poor-lit headlamps are a great threat to others, as much as to you as the driver).

When getting a replacement for your headlamp bulbs, it is advisable to always get the high-quality ones to ensure your safety. If in case you are looking for something that’s worth the shot, Pegasus Autolamp Philippines offers a line of halogen headlamp bulbs to suit your needs. The range varies from a Euro-inspired 3,000-kelvin up to a 5,000-kelvin bulb, all conform to the stock Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specs. If it's the price you are more concerned about – a pair costs P700. 

According to Pegasus, their bulbs are 100% brighter and lasts 50% longer compared to stock OE’s. This is due to the utilization of German Skyline Technology which retains the OEM wattage in spite of delivering brighter illumination. These lamps are also available in different bulb sockets to suit corresponding OE specifications depending on the vehicle. It can be installed easily with its simple plug-in feature.

Your car’s headlamps play a huge role when you’re driving at night. It makes your evening drive safer and more convenient. So, go ahead and check if your car needs a new pair of headlamps.

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