Here are 3 ways how you can have the 'Best Day at Petron'

We think you'll agree with us when we say that gassing up is a chore. But Petron Corporation wants to change that with a promise that motorists will have the “best day of your life” next time you visit their station.

Through the company's new marketing campaign called “Best Day at Petron,” they're taking the customer experience to another level, making it more fun, more rewarding, and more worthwhile. And here are their 3 new brand values that should help brighten up your day when you pay them a visit.


World-Class Products

As the country's biggest and only Filipino-owned oil refiner, Petron is able to offer world-class fuels and engine oils that fit Philippine driving conditions. A good example is their freshly-launched line-up of Euro 4 compliant gasoline fuels, which was made available to the local market months before the government's mandate.

The range includes Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4, Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance, and Petron Super Xtra – all specially formulated to deliver optimum performance and now more environment-friendly.

Of course, they also have diesel fuels Petron Turbo Diesel and Petron Diesel Max that are leading the way in fuels technology.


Quality Service

Offering one-stop convenience, you can do more at Petron service stations than just fueling up. Buy snacks or refreshment from San Mig Food Ave, dine at a restaurant, withdraw from an ATM, or have your vehicle serviced before you head back out on the road. Petron mega-stations along expressways also have some of the cleanest restrooms in case you need to go. Seriously, they even won an award from the DOTC's Toll Regulatory Board for having the 'best and most gender-responsive service facilities'

Petron's courteous service crew will also offer to clean your windshield, throw out your track, check your tire pressure, and top up your fluid levels while you refuel. 

And when it comes to long drives, Petron Lakbay Alaly – the country's longest-running motorist assistance program – offers free vehicle safety checks first aid and medical assistance, mobile phone charging stations, and even free 15-minute massages.


Exciting Rewards

Get yourself a Petron Value Card so you can earn points each time you fuel up and redeem it on your next visit. It also allows you to avail discounts on Petron products, get exclusive deals and promos from partner establishments, and gain access to members-only restrooms at mega-stations. 

But what's more amazing is how Petron Value Card holders have benefits of personal accident insurance coverage, free 24-hour towing, and roadside assistance.

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