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Driver’s License fees can get quite complex given the number of services that the Land Transportation Office of the Philippines offers for its official document for motorists. There is a multitude of restrictions and other items that you have to take note of when applying for a license, and that also includes the student’s permit that you have to secure before actually getting your license. 

So to help navigate this, the LTO PITX took to Facebook to publish its matrix for all associated licensing fees for you to prepare the next time you will be paying a visit to your nearest LTO center. 

All of these figures are also detailed along with other items about the Philippines Driver’s license here in our guide article: 

LTO PITX Licensing Fee Matrix

The infographic covers new applications for student permits, driver’s and conductor’s licenses, additional restriction codes, and also renewal fees, replacement fees, and revision fees that a motorist may need to take note of. Also detailed in the image are the penalty fee and its computation that’ll come into effect if the licensee renews his document late. 

For licensure requirements, it is also worth pointing out that the LTO will be requiring would-be license holders to undergo driver education in an LTO accredited driving school. The LTO also requires a medical test to be conducted, however, that fee is not seen in the matrix. 

Remember, however, while looking at this infographic as you are preparing for your license renewal or application, that there are a bunch of other additional fees that you need to pay when claiming your license at the LTO, these include the Computer Fee as well as an application fee that will add a little over P200 to the total receipt. 

Should you go to the LTO soon, take note of the fee that you have to pay should you be renewing or applying for a brand-new license. The PITX Licensing Center is also one of LTO’s newer branches in the metro and if you’re from the area, it’s worth checking out should you be due for a few requirements. 

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