Ferrari 488 Pista Piloti

There's a universal law in life and not even a single species is exempted – no one can have everything it wants. It makes sense actually—well, with the old saying "life is short" in mind—even when a person reaches a thousand-years-old, he can never have it all. Everything feels very limited, which is why you have a subtle term for joy and that is 'bliss.'

Well that 'bliss' is the exact description of how you'd feel after seeing this. In an article published by Motor1, Ferrari has announced to have debuted a 488 Pista edition with one goal in mind – to tease humanity. At first, the 488 Pista Piloti Ferrari edition came out on the internet in the traditional Rosso Corsa body paint. Now, more color options were mailed to Motor1 and we dig them all.

But, before anything else, don't get too excited by lining up your ATM cards just yet, only the Prancing Horse's client racing drivers can actually buy it. Well, it's a bit of a shame, all we get to do is admire them on photos and cry about it. Sorry for spoiling your enthusiasm a little too early there.

The three follow-up colors of the 488 Pista Piloti Ferrari are the stunning Argento Nürburgring, Nero Daytona, and Blu Tour De France – each projecting their unique character. The white, green, and red stripes from the Italian flag are found over the bumpers, hood, roof, and side skirts. There's also a number '51' on the lower part of the door panel that's believed to be rooted from the AF Corse race car that won the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

The inside is adorned in black, perforated Alcantara, with the seats' backrest featuring a fading Italian flag. On the other hand, the edge of the paddle shifters and even the floor mats have the Tricolor scheme to match the seats. You'll also find the number 51 printed on the flat base of the steering wheel.

According to the American automotive website, an owner may alter the look of their 488 Pista Piloti. For example, the standard Grigio Corsa wheels can be swapped to carbon fiber rims or matte black, as well as an option for a carbon fiber trunk lid.

For its performance, specifications will be configured according to Ferrari's client race drivers. The configuration will be done by the Prancing Horse's Tailor Made division, which will then be subjected to a Ferrari Classiche certification. 

Source: Motor1

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