Honda Urban EV concept

Last year, Honda and General Motors joined forces to mass produce a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system by 2020. This time, the two auto giants has extended its collaboration to develop new advanced chemistry battery components for electric vehicles (EV).

Under the agreement, the two firms will work together based on GM’s battery system, while Honda will source the battery modules from GM, mainly for the North American market. The Honda-GM partnership targets to produce EV batteries with greater energy density units, smaller packaging, and a quicker charging system.

This joint venture intends to support each other’s respective vehicles. Both companies are putting their best efforts in moving several steps forward to a sustainable society and advanced mobility with the help of these joint projects.

Meanwhile, Honda also partnered up with Hitachi to establish a new joint EV company to produce EV motors and parts last year. With this in mind, there’s a high chance that this new battery project will most likely power up the the Honda EVs, such as the Urban EV concept that was revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Show.

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