Honda ZR-V draft photo

Trademark offices have been a hotbed of new car related information lately as more and more car manufacturers register names for their new models. One such company is Honda as the Japanese brand has recently registered the nameplate ZR-V with the World Intellectual Property Organization. The trademark was registered on April 17, 2020, in Australia which was a couple of days after we reported that the automaker was working on a new City-based subcompact SUV.

As it may turn out the new Honda vehicle might be a crossover instead. The R-V or Runabout Vehicle designation has been given out to the Japanese brand’s crossovers. Philippine examples of these are the HR-V, BR-V, and CR-V. In other markets, Honda has also used the R-V name for its other crossover vehicles such as the WR-V, UR-V, and XR-V. If the naming scheme holds true then the all-new ZR-V could likely be a subcompact crossover that will utilize the all-new City’s platform.

Not much else is known about the ZR-V apart from its name. However, if this turns out to be the all-new crossover that Honda is said to be working on then there is a high chance that it will be sharing its chassis and other components with the all-new Honda City. If this proves to be correct the ZR-V should measure in at about four meters in length and should feature the Japanese brand’s current design language. This puts the possible all-new crossover just under its bigger brother the HR-V in Honda’s lineup. 

While there are no other confirmed details yet as to what the ZR-V could be, having a new vehicle entering Honda’s lineup could be a game-changer for the brand in the ASEAN market. Honda Philippines has yet to release a competitor against the likes of the Kia Seltos, Geely Coolray, and MG ZS. With that missing vehicle, the addition of a new crossover could potentially get the Japanese brand a slice of the steadily-growing segment.

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