2019 Honda Civic Type R

If we are to recall, reports have circulated late February this year with regards to Honda’s impending plan to close two of its manufacturing plants, both situated in Europe. Mainly pertaining to those in Swindon, United Kingdom and Turkey where respective models of the Civic are built, including the traditional 4-door sedan, hatchback, and the Type R. This strategic move was claimed to reflect with the brand’s ongoing commitment towards the electrification of its vehicle lineup as well as the intent to restructure its global manufacturing network, which denies relative theories in relation to Brexit.

Given the impact this will have on jobs and livelihood of workers, British Secretary Greg Clark has decided to travel to Japan and consult Honda Motors for any further reconsideration with regards the closure of its Swindon factory by 2021. The negotiation with respective Honda executives shall tackle issues as to providing financial assistance to the Japanese automaker, which should be made possible by the secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy. 

Moreover, much uncertainty was generated as the closure of the Swindon factory by 2021 is expected to layoff up to 3,500 employees. Given such circumstances, Britain has set up a task force made up of respective members from the government and some local businesses, specifically for the purpose of discussing and somehow tackling how they can provide needed support for workers affected by Honda’s plant closure.

Perhaps this could somehow delay or reverse the situation, with a lot of effort put into showing or at least convincing Honda that the UK is still a good place to build cars. So will Honda be pushed to reconsider the plant closure? Let’s hope for the best.

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