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Google Maps has long been a mainstay in navigation applications. With the app able to provide traffic data, alternate routes, as well as offline navigation, Maps is already usable the way it is. However, the app is set to become more intuitive and tailored to the needs of the average Filipino motorist. In the coming weeks, several new features on both Android and iOS will roll out. 

Google Philippines unveiled updates to its ever-popular navigation app. The tech giant introduced the Number Coding feature to help motorists in navigating around restricted roads on coding days. 

Using the feature is as simple as inputting the assigned coding day on Google Maps, and the app will guide the user through unrestricted roads. 

Collaboration with the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) led to the creation of this feature. Expect an update in the next few weeks on the Google Play Store or Apple App store. 

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Another feature that will also come to the Google Maps app is the Motorbike mode on iOS. Android users were the first to experience the mode last year. Expect the iOS update to also come in the coming weeks. 

‘Street view’ was also updated in the hopes that the tech-giant could “contribute positively” to the tourism industry. 

Google Maps is set to grow in the coming months. Download or update the app if you haven’t already.

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