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We all consider automotive lighting to be an important part of a car. It lets others around you know if you are slowing down or changing lanes. Lights are more than just an item for visibility, it is a medium in which drivers use to communicate with each other in order to stave off accidents. 

Manufacturers follow strict standards in order to bring a car to market. When it comes to lighting systems, minimum requirements that are followed. Minimum usually is a set of halogen bulbs behind a red, white, and orange colored lens. On the high end of things, we have light bars and LED clusters adoring these lighting fixtures. At this level, lights are not just a functional piece of kit but also a fashion statement and status symbol. 

LEDs are in and they are making a splash in the industry. With high output and efficient power consumption, these lights can be arranged into almost any shape, and can even be made to fire sequentially, giving more of a flare to the rear or front of a car. LEDs also fire as soon as an electrical current is coursed through them. Coupled with a chip that enables this and you can have yourself the equivalent of an EDM festival on the rear or front of your car. 

Leave it to the Thais to create something outlandish and over the top. When it comes to car modifications, crazy is not in their vocabulary, as there is nothing too outlandish and too wild. So is the case with this Jazz, dubbed “Startrek Edition.” Looking at the lights, upon startup you see that there is a multitude of LED clusters that light up. These LEDs are in the bar format so it creates a ‘lightsaber-like’ glow, creating an even light throughout the fixture. 

Moving to the front the owner has also upgraded the all-important headlights with Mustang-style DRLs coupled with a set of dual LED projector headlamps with angel eye DRLs. On top, or rather on the bottom, of that the “Porsche-inspired” fog lights are comprised of four LED projectors that are grouped together to pay homage to the German brand’s DRL setup which involves – you guessed it, four LED lights surrounding the iconic round headlight. 

Does it look good? Well, taste is relative. If we were to nitpick about the accessory, it would be that the lens isn’t in red. A smoked black lens isn’t ideal, yet it is still a common trope in the aftermarket. It’s a grey area of course, but then it is still legal since it is not a tinted tail light, which can be dangerous. The sequential lights are a little over the top for us, but it’s not too far from what we expect from a proper lighting system. It’s clear, it lets you communicate and more importantly, it catches the attention of people in front and behind you. So, I guess it works. 

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