Hyundai H100

In line with the government’s persistence to build more infrastructures in 2018, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) considers its whole model lineup as key to meet the demands in transport and mobility.  

“We are broadening our corporate horizon at a very opportune time, allowing us to empower local enterprises. As HARI addresses freight, payload, and mass mobility needs, we open ourselves to small and medium enterprises, transport logistics, construction, mining, and various economic activities, not only in urban centers but also in emerging cities. The Philippine economy is at its momentum, and we are pleased to be at the forefront.”

Before this year ends, HARI expects the combined sales of its passenger cars (PC) and commercial vehicles (CV) to reach the 37,500 mark.

Compared to last year, HARI reported that its CV lineup increased 883%, surpassing the previous distributor’s all-time high sales. HARI said that its positive CV sales is poised to account for 10% of total vehicle sales in the next 5 years and expects to be doubled by 2025.  

Building up the anticipation is the introduction of Hyundai’s Euro 4 trucks dubbed as Xcient line. This vehicle is said to exemplify a class-leading performance and enhanced fuel efficiency along with an interior cabin trim similar to a luxury sedan. HARI is also looking into bringing in a truck and bus line from the Hyundai plant in China here in the Philippines.

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