Hyundai Cradle

Star Wars fans rejoice, as Hyundai is teasing a concept that resembles a mix of iconic vehicles from the science fiction universe. Okay, so not really, but the Hyundai Cradle does look like a cross between the Imperial AT-AT walkers in The Empire Strikes Back and the AT-TE in the Clone Wars. Set to be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 during Hyundai’s press conference on the 7th of January, the Hyundai Cradle is a walking car. No, really, it is.

Hear Hyundai out, as the Cradle is unique since it features a wheel and tyre mounted on each of its four robotic legs. This will allow users to drive, walk, or climb on any terrain, combining the advantages and maximizing the flexibility of a vehicle that provides three kinds of mobility options. The Cradle combines robotics and electric vehicle (EV) technology, but most of the details are still under wraps.

What the teaser image suggests is that the Hyundai Cradle can be used as an emergency response vehicle, reaching disaster zones and passing through calamity stricken areas with ease. The body also seems to have a side opening bay, and a top hatch for different entry or exit points for equipment or personnel. There’s also a traditional cockpit traditional driving, and, uh, walking or climbing. In an almost transformers like fashion, the legs that have the wheels at the end seem to be able to retract and convert the Cradle into a traditional wheeled vehicle.

We’ll know more details in a few days, but this is an interesting idea from Hyundai, and they’re saying that the Cradle will “redefine our perception of vehicle mobility”. This could be the first real step to owning our own walkers just like in our favorite sci-fi movies and comic books. Well, without the lasers and explosions.

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