Suzuki Ertiga, Honda Mobilio, Toyota Avanza

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On the previous episode of AutoDeal Answers, we took our pick when it comes to cars that our follower can use for ridesharing business.

This week, one of our followers asked which of the Toyota Avanza, Suzuki Ertiga, and Honda Mobilio would be perfect as a 7-seater family car.  

Similar to the previous AutoDeal Answers, our writers will be answering the question based on their lifestyles. Each has their own personality – Jacob is a musician, who regularly plays at bar gigs with his indie band, while Dan is an artist who loves visual arts and does spoken word poetry. On the other hand, Martin is a bachelor in his mid-twenties who’s torn between being serious about life or just go easy with it. Lastly, Yabee is a family guy who has a taste in cars and a thirst for speed.

Jacob “The Rockstar”

If I were to recommend a 7-seater family car between the given models, it would definitely be the Honda Mobilio. Aside from having the highest engine output rating among the 3, it’s also the only model that’s mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). If compared to the conventional automatic transmission, CVT is more fuel-efficient, which is a big plus for the family’s savings.

In addition, the ISOFIX child anchor seats at the Mobilio’s 2nd row is a deal-breaker for me, especially if I’m going to start my own family. With this, my future child’s safety will be ensured when he or she rides with me.

Moreover, as always, the car’s looks is one of the first things I consider when choosing a car. For me, the Mobilio beats the other 2 cars in this area.

Yabee “The Dad”

Among the selection, I'll go with the Suzuki Ertiga 1.4L GLX AT. Compared to similar variants of the Toyota Avanza and Honda Mobilio, the Ertiga is the most affordable among the choices.

When it comes to safety, the 3 MPVs all come standard with similar features such as driver and front passenger airbags, ABS, electronic brake-force distribution, immobilizer, and electronic door locks. Fortunately, I can have all these in the Ertiga GLX which is P8,000 less than the Avanza 1.5L G AT variant and P64,000 lower than the Mobilio 1.5L RS Navi.

Another thing I seriously consider when looking at a family car aside from safety is its entertainment system. With this, the Ertiga GLX AT has an integrated touchscreen headunit with Android OS and NAVI. I don't know about you, playing your child's favorite show while going on a long trip can save you from tantrums and stress.

Dan “The Artist”

With the 3 7-seater minivans as options, none is left for me except a hard time comparing them. The Ertiga competes with Mobilio for exterior design; the Avanza closes to Ertiga for price; and the Mobilio to Avanza in terms of engine size.

Of note, there are close fights in certain aspects, but priorities could sort things out. Of the 3 cars, Ertiga is the cheapest. So if money is your priority, I would opt recommending it. Same goes to Avanza, which only costs P8,000 more but comes with larger engine. Well in my case, I prefer features. Be it exterior or interior, I pay attention to design, functionality, and appropriateness.

All 3 vehicles scored good in all of my conditions. However, it’s the Honda Mobilio which stood out in terms of package; whereas in my opinion, price is its only downside. Yet, the difference in price could be because of additional features the Mobilio has, which the 2 other cars don’t – like the CVT feature Jacob mentioned, add the fact that it has a longer body that could mean ampler legroom.

Martin “The Bachelor”

If I were to choose which 7-seater MPV to buy, I would go with the Honda Mobilio because I find its exterior as the most appealing among the 3 cars. It has a youthful vibe, which is a plus for a mid-20’s individual like me. The Mobilio 1.5L RS Navi variant comes with sporty exterior kits, which wouldn’t make you feel old whenever you’re driving it. Moreover, the body kits sort of allowed the Mobilio to veer away from the stereotypical family car.

The downside of the Mobilio is its price tag. However, the higher price tag is justified by the Mobilio’s 1.5L i-VTEC engine that delivers 120 hp and 145 Nm of torque. Of note, the Mobilio’s output rating is the most powerful in its class. Having this in its resume means that Honda didn’t compromise driving performance especially when the Mobilio’s fully loaded with passengers.

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