Truck Surf Hotel

How timely is this—since more and more people are trying out surfing—a truck-turned-hotel, known as Truck Surf Hotel, which offers adventure and surf trip packages. Darn right it is, this Mercedes-Benz Actros truck that was turned into towering two-floor hotel is so gnarly that we're instantly stoked.

The massive surfers' piece of paradise is the product of the brilliant minds of Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro. Carneiro and Ribeiro are camper van travelers who have been circling Europe and Africa, exploring different cultures and surf sports. This has been their lifestyle for years and to share the experience with other people, they created the Truck Surf Hotel.

Now, people may get to live inside a luxurious hotel room with all their necessities catered and the freedom to choose locations. Imagine you no longer have to squeeze yourself in crowded, overrated, noise-polluted beaches just to ride your board. Now, isn't that great? 

The interior fits beach bums' preference as it's almost entirely in wood. The ambience gives this peaceful and nature-close vibe. It's as if when you're inside, you have this tendency to forget you're in a truck until you step out – which is just as good because, pal, you're inside a Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Now if you're wondering how much a trip would cost you, expect like around P30,000 to P36,000 per person. Don't worry, it isn't your normal surf trip; we were talking about a Morocco and Portugal one-week-worth tour package. The Portugal tour is offered from June to October, while the Morocco tour is available from January to April. You could also check their website to find more deals and rates.

So, how does a two-story truck fit under bridges? A hydraulic system does the magic. When mobile, the truck looks like an ordinary white trailer truck but don't let it fool you though. Once all is set, the trailer expands in all directions: top, sides, and rear. This gives access to all five fully air-conditioned rooms; four rooms with individual bunk beds and one private couple-room. 

Carneiro and Ribeiro recommends traveling alone, as they advocate joiner traveling, where you'd get to meet co-travelers and like-minded people. But, if you prefer to travel with your buddies and/or family, they offer group packages as well. 

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