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Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) and Würth Group entered into a one year partnership starting April 1, 2019. The partnership predicates that Würth will manufacture Isuzu co-branded products and sprays that help in maintaining and cleaning mechanical parts on vehicles. 

SIlicone Spray (500 mL) eliminates the squeak that you get in the window panes of a car. The spray seeps through the window glass run channel and coats the plastic and rubber with a good finish to lessen friction and sound. Würth will be manufacturing this for the Isuzu brand with an accompanying label and packaging. 


Another product that is to be co-branded is the Brake Cleaner (500 mL) from Würth. The spray eliminates dirt and grease on the surface it is sprayed on be it calipers or rotors. Another maintenance item for the brakes is Brake Paste (5.5 grams), which prevents the usual squeaking noise coming from the brakes

These products will be shipped to IPC dealers by the Würth Group. It will be responsible for delivering these products, which are necessary in the periodic maintenance of vehicles, to the dealerships on time and enmasse. 

Isuzu guarantees that through the use of Würth’s high quality products, the brand can increase customer satisfaction. Isuzu parts and cleaning items are available at dealerships so customers will not need to go anywhere else for their parts, supplies, and service. IPC remains committed to be a reliable partner and offers only high quality products, as evidenced by their partnership with Würth. 

Founded in 1945, The Würth Group is a worldwide brand that specializes in the wholesale of chemicals, electronic and electromechanical components, installation materials, and automotive hardware. Strict standards and stringent quality control rule to roost of Würth’s products. This is in line with Isuzu Motor’s thrust to guarantee that all its authorized dealers across the country use only genuine parts, accessories, and lubricants in its trucks and light commercial vehicles (LCV). 

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