Isuzu Philippines 25th anniversary

Isuzu Philippines recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in the country after setting up shop back in 1997. During the celebration, IPC looked back at its past while also looking forward to the future with big plans ahead. This started with setting up its HQ in Binan Laguna, finally achieving its 300,000 sales milestones, as well as by having dealerships in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao and now the Japanese automaker is looking forward to the future as it seeks to lower its carbon footprint.

The big event was held at the SMX Convention center in Pasay City. It was attended by shareholders, dealers, suppliers, banks, media, VIPs from the industry, and IPC executives and employees. During this momentous occasion, the newly-appointed IPC president Noboru Murakami stated that without the help of its shareholders, employees, partners, and dealer networks, it would not be where it is now.

The main reason why IPC has attained these countless achievements throughout the years is because we have the unwavering support of each and every one of you.

Aside from celebrating its 25th year anniversary in the market, the Japanese brand also shared its plans for the future that will stick with its sustainable development goals through its new vision: Road To Progress. IPC aims to realign its business process through a new perspective focusing on the environment, social, and governance aspects. One of the steps IPC took in protecting the environment is shifting its energy source from coal power plants to renewable sources like solar power plants to decrease carbon emissions of its manufacturing plant.

By 2050, IPC also aims to decrease its footprint by 50,000 tons of CO2. The Japanese automaker is also encouraging its dealers to follow its lead in switching to renewable energy in the coming years, envisioning a lower carbon footprint for its entire dealership network. 

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