Isuzu BGC Gallery

Isuzu Philippines has recently opened a new facility in BGC in partnership with the Ayala group’s newly opened AC Motors Centrale multi-brand showroom in the same area. This showroom is referred to as the BGC Gallery and flaunts several different kinds of vehicles both two wheels and four. It is also capable of showcasing the latest offerings from Isuzu such as the D-MAX and the mu-X along with their many variants.

The new facility shares much of the same global design as the rest of the dealerships that are under the Isuzu nameplate.  With BGC being known as a commercial hub in Metro Manila, Isuzu Philippines believes that it can get closer to its goal of making its word-class products more accessible to the rest of the country with its new showroom there.

Just like all Isuzu branches, the Isuzu sales showroom here is capable to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction for its mu-X, D-Max, Traviz, and Isuzu Trucks customers

Just as a bit of a backgrounder, Isuzu Philippines and the Ayala Group has a long-term partnership with one another and continue to provide the best transport and business solutions to Filipinos. The Ayala Group currently handles the largest dealer network in the country which consists of 12 dealerships nationwide along with their newly opened AC Centrale facility.

While the AC Centrale facility is only limited to a sales showroom, rest assured that the Ayala Group will take care of your purchase as spare parts and services will be catered by the other dealerships under the automotive group.

If you want to get your hands on the latest Isuzu products available today, then we highly recommend visiting our website where you can keep up with the latest deals, discounts, and promos available from the Japanese automaker. 

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