Kia Ph supports the ASEAN Korea Free Trade Agreement

This 2016 might be the start of Kia Philippines’ best years in the automotive industry. Why? That’s because Kia and other Korean car manufacturers can now bring in more products straight from their homeland to the Philippines, thanks to the implementation of the ASEAN Korea Free Trade Agreement (AKFTA).

But what’s AKFTA and what’s in it for Kia and their market?

To simplify, AKFTA is an agreement between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Republic of Korea’s trading industry to lower the trade costs of Korean products that are being distributed to ASEAN countries like the Philippines.

AKFTA’s implementation widens the range of products for consumers to choose from, especially when it comes to automobiles. In line with this, Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the exclusive local provider of Kia vehicles is very delighted to announce some great plans for 2016.

According to CAC President Ginia R. Domingo, "Lower tariff duties (trade costs) should do well for our entire line. In fact, Kia’s latest offerings to be rolled out this year like the Kia Soul MT and Kia Grand Carnival 11-seater will be more competitively priced because of the AKFTA.

What she said was just the tip of the iceberg as AKFTA also permits Korean importers like CAC to add more options to model specs and variants. This will open a broader area for consumers to pick a variant that will suit their taste and give them more value for money.

And what about Hyundai Philippines? As Kia’s fellow Korean automaker, they too will be benefit from the agreement making the market more competitive this year. 

Expect that there will be changes on the AutoDeal Car Guide pretty soon for these Korean manufacturers. For now, you may visit the AutoDeal Car Brand page to know more about Kia and their arsenal of vehicles.

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