Lexus Design Awards 2020

Lexus international is now accepting entries for its annual design competition. This competition is now in its eighth year. 

The Lexus Design Award provides a unique platform for young creators to demonstrate and further develop their talents. Founded in 2013 to support and foster up-and-coming creators, this program has evolved to inspire innovations in design that lead to a better tomorrow. The goal of the competition is to come up with new ideas that have the power to make a difference and change lives.

The Lexus Design award culminates in the announcement of the Grand Prix winner following prototype presentation by each of the six finalists. Prototype presentations and the announcement of the winner will happen on a world stage during the Press Day at Milan Design Week. The complete Lexus Design Award 2020 judges and mentors will be announced in the fall of 2019.

The guiding principle for the Lexus Design Awards is “Design for a Better Tomorrow” directive. Lexus is looking for a design that goes beyond the mastery of shape, form, and function, and becomes a solution to overcome challenges. Challenges that incorporate the three principles to Lexus: “Anticipate. Innovate, Captivate.

Baluto project

The 2019 Lexus Design Awards saw a Filipino make it to the finals. Jeffrey Dela Cruz got one of the six final spots in the contest with his Baluto, a modular housing system that is earthquake resistant and flood-resistant. His project is a solution to people in low-lying areas that can be easily affected by flooding. This design gives people the ability to live in flood-prone areas without the worry of property damage. His project also addresses the common problem of the Philippines, which is flooding during the rainy season.

For those who are interested in this might be one of the best opportunities for you to show off your skills and designs. Who knows, your entry just might be in the top six for this year’s Lexus Design Awards

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