Licenses with 5-year validity to be processed by batches

Effective October 8, 2016, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) officially announces that driver’s and conductor’s licenses will have a 5-year validity. However, these will be processed by batches at specific dates due to system adjustment.

This is in line to the Administrative Order No. 2016-34, which was dated September 13, 2016. The new license validity will apply to all fresh licenses, as well as renewals that will fall under the following dates.

Unfortunately, licenses that were processed before the said dates will still have a 3-year validity.

As mentioned in our previous article, fees for both fresh and renewed licenses will be P585. With added computer and application fees, this will amount to P820.26 for new licenses. On the other hand, those that are bound for renewal will need to prepare P652.63. These figures are exclusive of fees for penalties and medical examination.

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