LTO-CAR mandates usage of car seats for children

The Land Transportation Office in the Cordillera Administrative Region (LTO-CAR) reminds the public to observe the maximum load limit of vehicles. This has been brought up given that going beyond the usual capacity has been among the causes of road accidents. With children below 4-feet and 11-inches counted as a passenger, LTO-CAR Director Francis Ray Almora then requires the usage of a child restraint system (CRS).

The government agency strongly believes that having children sit on their laps when on a cruise is proven to be a dangerous practice. That is why the Almora pushed Republic Act 11229, which mandates the usage of car seats among children with a height of 4-feet and 11-inches. 

For now, only the respective region is required to follow, the question is if other parts of the country will also follow this safety protocol, including Metro Manila, which recently suspended its supposed implementation last February 2, 2021. 

We can see the consequences if we violate. Some count adults and the children are not counted and they sit them on the lap but under the new law, it is not allowed.

Its implementation has already begun and many violators were caught yet they were only given a warning reminding them to observe the maximum load limit of vehicles when transporting children as a safety precaution. 

In relation to this, the most recent accident happened in Tabuk, Kalinga wherein 13 people died and seven of them were children riding inside. What happened was the sports utility vehicle (SUV) plunged into an irrigation canal.

Despite its limited manpower, the LTO is authorized to conduct roadside motor vehicle inspections in order to properly enforce laws and regulations.

During the inspection, we check on the registration. We check if the motor vehicle using public roads is registered and if registered, is driven by a person properly licensed.

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