LTO number 5 plate extension

Due to the current situation, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has given another extension for vehicle registration, this time for cars with license plates ending in the number ‘5’. In the past, the government agency has also given extensions for those with vehicles ending in the numbers ‘1’,’2’,’3’, and ‘4’ with about a month or two worth of extra time for registration renewal. This time around the same applies, however, the LTO has given its longest extension thus far with three months more extra time. This means that vehicle owners will now have until August to register their cars before any penalties will apply.

LTO vehicle registration extension announcement

The LTO has also provided a new schedule of renewal for those who want to transact with the government agency. As shown in the image above, vehicle owners with license plates that end in ‘1’,’2’, and ‘3’ will have until the first week of every month until August to renew their registration. For vehicles with plates ending in ‘4’,’5’, and ‘6’ these will be scheduled for the second week of every month. The theme continues for vehicles that end in ‘7’ and ‘8’ as they are scheduled for the 3rd week of every month. Finally, for those with cars ending in ‘0’ and ‘9’, these are scheduled for the last week of every month until August. 

The move to give out these extensions comes from the sudden rise in cases which has caused many LTO sites to temporarily close down for the health and safety of the public. While these extensions give the public more time, the government agency is strongly encouraging vehicle owners to renew their registration as soon as possible. It is important that note that the LTO also has online scheduling available for those who want a smoother and more convenient way of transacting with the government office. However, if you do have to go there on your own, make sure to follow the health and safety protocols and to leave if you feel like the LTO site is getting too crowded. 

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