LTO Plate numbers ending in 3 extension 2021

The LTO’s lenience with vehicle registration continues with another extension. The agency is giving motorists with plate numbers ending in ‘3’ more time to attend to their registration for the year. In the past, vehicles with plate numbers ending in ‘1’ and ‘2’ have been given similar extensions. 

A schedule has been provided by the agency with definite dates for motorists to follow and take note of in lieu of the extension. In a Facebook post dated February 26, 2021, the agency published a public advisory with the extended deadlines of vehicles with plates ending in the number 3. 

LTO Public Advisory 2021 Registration extension

Even with the announcement, the extensions aren’t too substantial. Across the board, we’re seeing an extra 7 days to register one’s vehicle. After the extension, the LTO must adhere to its standard practice of charging a weekly penalty, or surcharge, to the vehicle owner, which will be paid for upon renewal of registration. The fee will add up over time and will stack up the more time a vehicle spends unregistered. 

Motorists are no longer required to go to Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs) to undergo the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS), however, it would be wise to do so for good measure and to test the road-worthiness of an automobile for P600. The minimum requirement for registration at the time of this article’s posting is an emissions test, which can be conducted at the already established emissions testing facilities all over the country, and near LTO offices. 

Vehicle owners must note that after the initial 3-year registration of a new vehicle, the registration must be done yearly and on a regular basis. Again, motorists must remember to register their vehicles otherwise they will be hit with a surcharge which can potentially add up over time if the vehicle is not registered as soon as possible. 

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