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Drivers and other motorists that wish to renew their license or do any transaction with the LTO Central Office will have to wait for further announcements as the government agency stated that its head office will remain closed due to the high count of infected individuals within its ranks. 

After swab testing its employees, the LTO announced that its Central Office will remain closed until further notice. The decision to close the facility off from the public was made last week, on January 7, 2022, in an official Facebook post. 

The high infectivity rate has been putting a hamper on a lot of the agency’s operations. Recently, the LTO announced that documents due for renewal within the next three months (January to March) are getting an expiration date extension. That means that licenses, student permits, and the like are all going to be valid for an extra two months this year. 

LTO Announcement Office Closures COVID-19

On top of the Central Office Closing its doors, the LTO announced that other offices will also be closed due to the same concerns. These offices include: 

  • LTO NCR East 
  • LTO Diliman District Office 
  • Quezon City Licensing Office (QCLC) 
  • Quezon City Licensing Renewal Office (QCLRC)
  • North Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (NMVIC) 
  • Public Utility Vehicle Registration Center (PUVRC) 

The LTO also stated that the closures were due to the COVID-19 infections and in order to sanitize and disinfect the area to ensure that the space will be safe for LTO personnel and the general public once an open notice is given. As such, stay tuned for more updates and information on the LTO. For the time being, the expiration date extension will help out considerably, however, as active cases continue to rise it’ll be no surprise if the agency decides to extend another batch of expiry dates. 

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