LTO now offers its tests in local dialects

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has begun the implementation of its Department Order (DO) 2020-003. It states that all examinees should get the opportunity to fully comprehend the Driver’s License Examination. This means that the tests will now be available in local dialects. The DOTr together with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will now conduct licensure exams in a wide range of languages including English, Filipino, and even other regional dialects.

Prior to the implementation of the DO, the LTO would only offer the written portion of the licensure exam in two languages, English and Filipino with the test itself being divided into seven categories. These categories are General Driving Knowledge, Parking, Driving Emergencies, Handling and Driving, Road Signs and Lane Markings, and Road Position. With so many categories that are part of the test and only two languages offered it’s not hard to understand how people who aren’t familiar with English and Filipino could encounter problems with the test, as not every person in the Philippines understands English and Filipino.

Having multiple dialects available will not only make understanding the licensure exam easier but it will also put the rules of the road in a local context. This will ensure that everyone will understand in their own local way. A better understanding of the rules of the road will lead to better discipline as more people will understand the rules of the road.

Examinees who want to take the licensure exam in their local dialect can head to the nearest LTO office. There, they will be provided with a localized translation of the Driver’s License Examination. From that point onwards the process for getting a driver’s license continues as normal. It is important to note, however, that only the exam itself has been translated and there isn’t any official word yet as to if the LTO will provide translated reviewers for those who want study before taking the driver’s license exam. 

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