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The current version of the Certificate Registration has been in use for quite some time now. With no major changes needed, the layout has remained the same over the past years. However, with the introduction of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, it is now time for an update. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has given the humble document a new look. This was done due to the new Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) that will be implemented soon. The government agency has yet to give out a specific release date for the new system, however, the new CR format gives us a hint of what is to come.

New LTO Certificate of Registration

The new Certificate of Registration format is just one of the many pending improvements that the LTO has in mind through the new LTMS. The government agency plans to also allow the public to book appointments online and pay dues. On top of this, the new system will also allow motorists to submit applications only, as well as pay for driver’s license transactions, by registering an account at 

Aside from the new format, the LTO has also given the Certificate of Registration a bigger size to provide enough space for the inclusion of additional vehicle information. The government agency has also increased the font size in the document to make details more visible. The increase in dimensions was also meant to make the CR on par with the sizes of other documents that the LTO issues. It was also made larger to further avoid instances where a duplicate CR is needed due to loss or misplacement.

The new format for the CR now includes vehicle classification which has been removed from the Official Receipt. New vehicle categories have also been added to the document that now aligns with the Philippine National Standards on the classification and definition of power-driven vehicles. Vehicle color has also been added back to the new system. Special categories are also now in place in the CR to include provisions for electric vehicles, such as maximum power in kilowatts, among other details. Overall the improvements are substantial additions over the previous version of the Certificate of Registration. 

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