LTO driver's license and vehicle registration renewal

Worried about your driver’s license, student permit, and vehicle registration expiring within the quarantine period? Don’t worry as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released a new memorandum with regards to those mentioned. 

LTO memorandum licenses and vehicle registration renewal

Due to the precautions, the Philippine government has taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila has gone into community quarantine. This means that movement within the area has been restricted. The LTO understanding the situation and knowing that its offices could be a source of mass gathering has decided to waive the late fees and penalties associated with the late renewal of motor vehicle registration, driver’s license renewal, and student permit renewal. The LTO offices receive hundreds of members of the public on a daily basis with those applying for a license and for those settling fees and renewing registration.  

The waiving of said fees only applies to those who have licenses and vehicle registrations that are set to expire anytime during the community quarantine period ( March 15 to April 15, 2020.) People who renew these things after the quarantine period will not face any late fees or penalties. 

The office is also extending the validity of all student-driver permits for the duration of the quarantine. Permit holders may still apply for a renewal or for a driver’s license after the quarantine period. Those who have tickets and Temporary Operator’s Permits that expired prior to the community quarantine can still be settled and without penalties. 

The memorandum, however, did not mention anything about those who want to apply for a new driver’s license or student permit. With the recent rollout of the 15-hour lecture requirement those who will want a student permit and a driver’s license might just have to wait until the community quarantine period has run its course and finished. 

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