LTO will soon issue a 10-year valid license to those who have clean records

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) can soon issue a 10-year valid driver’s license starting in October 2021. Qualified for the said privilege are those motorists that have clean records or those who simply have no violation marked on their licenses.

This was actually affirmed by LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, announcing that drivers will be able to renew the validity of their license up to 10 years in 2021, given the condition of not committing any sort of traffic violation. 

It was further elaborated that this strict incentive will make sure that only law-abiding motorists will benefit. Apart from serving as a reward system, Galvante also believes that through this measure, road crashes, traffic accidents that cause injuries or even deaths will be reduced. 

While a new demerit system will be rolled out, violations will, therefore, be divided into 3 different categories, which consist of light violations, less grave violations, and grave violations. For the light violations, this category covers first-time offenses of driving regulations and minor traffic offenses, followed by the less grave violations which include the second-time offense of driving laws, parking and obstruction violations, and acts punishable by local ordinances. Lastly, grave violations refer to driving a motor vehicle used in the commission of crimes.

It was also stretched that once a driver has enough demerits, it will, therefore, result in fines or serving penalties. Galvante even added that other penalties can range from suspension or even revocation of license, plus, they can only drive again once these penalties have been properly served.

Through this tactic, local motorists should be strongly motivated to stay vigilant, aware, and more disciplined beings of the road, which equates to a safer driving environment. Plus, acknowledging the following disciplinary measures are further recognized and addressed through a proper reward system, making it a fulfilling practice.

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