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The Land Transportation Office is now in the process of creating a new online system that will help the public renew their licenses and vehicle registration through the use of the internet. The LTO appointment system will let users book appointments in advance for faster transactions. The new system works similarly to the online appointment scheme of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Through this manner, you can now plan out your leaves and absences without the worry of long wait times. The system will even let you pick out which LTO site you want an appointment in, making it more convenient for you. The overall consensus for the new system is to encourage its use so that LTO offices do not get flooded during General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and after the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MEQC) has been lifted.

The appointment system can be used for the plain renewal of your driver’s license and motor vehicle registration. Plain renewal means that you will not be changing any of your details or will be adding any other requirements. In order for your renewal to go smoothly, you must not have any alarms or pending apprehensions in your records. 

Once an appointment is set you will need to bring the following on the day itself. You will need to present a copy of the confirmation e-mail and bring a valid government-issued ID. This will let the LTO personnel know that you have used the appointment system. Next, you will need to bring other related documents for either motor vehicle registration renewal or driver’s license renewal.

For motor vehicle registration you will need to bring a photocopy of the Certificate of Registration (CR) and the Official Receipt (OR) of payment. You will also need a duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR), an appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover (COC), a Certificate of emission Compliance (CEC), and your Taxpayer’s identification number (TIN).

For Driver’s license renewal you will need to present the following: Current (expired) professional or non-professional driver’s license, official receipt (OR) of payment, medical certificate by any LTO-licensed physician, and a government ID.

Once you get to your preferred LTO site, you can approach any of the LTO personnel present in order for you to be guided. There will be a special lane put into place for those who have used the LTO Appointment System. Once you get to the designated window just present the aforementioned requirements and proceed with your transaction. After your transaction has been accomplished your vehicle will be inspected or your photo and signature will be taken.

While there are no confirmed dates yet the LTO should be rolling out the new feature by end of May in order to meet with the increasing backlog of those who need to renew their vehicle registration and their driver’s licenses.

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